ON 5?

What’s on 5 is a calendar of Triangle Loft sponsored events that have been designed for the humanitarian in us all; someone interested in helping the wider community; the socially concerned people. We curate purposeful gatherings to promote community and support local creatives. 

In partnership with the creatives, we host opening nights, brunches, artist talks, entertainment, and more in a space where creativity is executed, and connections made. We offer artists a place to show and sell their works at no cost; allowing artists to tell their stories and create a path to well-being.

As an extension of our community focus, we designed our own holistic health initiative: Triangle Loft Health + Wellness. All are welcome to attend silent meditation and vinyasa flow classes in sunlit Loft 4s.

Community Leaders

eKow Baiden

eKow is a creative agent who prides himself on helping artists grow. His diversified perspective of contemporary art from doing art tours around the world puts him at an advantage over many. He’s a trendsetter and not a follower who makes sure that the artists he works with also have a similar ethos.

Past curated exhibitions in NYC, Bridgehampton, Miami, and Hong Kong have featured the likes of Ivan Alifan, JimTwice, Funqest, Akshita Gandhi, Jugal Patel, Evan Lagache, etc www.ekosysteminc.com/art

Louis Angel

As a curator, Louis assembles colleges of canvas, wood, cotton paper, ply wood, dream-catchers assorted unto walls that never imaged being dressed in garments of acrylics, oil, water color, charcoal – adorned in feathers for nights of splendid delight. The founder of Guerrilla Art Shows began his artistic journey in the offices of American Express Publishing by converting half of an empty floor into a pop-up gallery for a one day art show in the summer of 2010 without authorization, hence the name. Guerrilla Art Shows has curated, produced and created pop-up galleries throughout the city with both established and up and coming artists from all over the world. The only rules followed by Louis Angel are of his own making, governed only by his love for art, creativity and story telling while navigating through the art world one wall at a time.

Yvena Despagne

Yvena Despagne is a Haitian-American art curator, based in New York City. She has a focus on working with emerging to mid-way career artists and highlighting their stories. She aims to encourage and provide opportunities for artists, who are interested in intercultural collaboration, dialogue and to indulge in culture.Yvena is also the Founder and Creative Director for Art x Ayiti, an online platform dedicated to highlighting and uplifting contemporary artists of Haitian descent and the Diaspora.Yvena has curated art exhibitions throughout Brooklyn, NY, including  “Tangled In Femme” a solo exhibition by Maya Varadaraj at Established Gallery, NOULA: A Haitian exhibition in the Miami Design District and her latest exhibition “Create your own Myths” a solo by Nichole Washington at La Mama Galleria. She has also curated art for the set of “Flatbush Misdemeanors” first season, a series on SHOWTIME. 

Yvena works continues to work as an independent curator in Brooklyn, NY.

Hanniel Levenson

Hanniel (pronounced HoneyEL) is an artist, designer, and Rabbi.

Born in Haifa, and Raised in New York City, Hanniel is a Rabbi, Artist, clothing designer, acrobat, surfer, and yoga teacher. Hanniel received a B.A. in Religion & Art from New York University, a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from Bard College, and Rabbinical Ordination from The Academy for Jewish Religion.

As a multi-media artist Hanniel draws inspiration from mystical texts, the world’s wisdom traditions and the natural environment. Sacred art is both a physical therapy and playful experience as Hanniel turns to the canvas to explore meaning and integrate teachings into their being to share with all.

Hanniel loves colors, all of them, and tries to use them as much as possible. Sometimes they are compatible and sometimes they clash. Though they always learn to coexist. This for Hanniel is also the practice of a spiritual leader – holding space – so that everyone can feel supported and part of the conversation. To keep the dialogue (and paint) flowing in such a way that everyone feels welcome.

Loft Events